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Pankl Products

Pankl specialises in developing and manufacturing engine and drivetrain components for racing cars, high performance vehicles and the aerospace industry.

Pankl scores with lightweight components made from high-grade innovative materials designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress. Pankl is a global niche player with worldwide subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, UK, USA, Slovakia and Japan.

Pankl specialises in developing, designing, manufacturing and testing crank mechanisms, pistons, pins, conrods, crank-shafts and turbochargers for racing engines and drivetrain components.

Pankl serves the global aerospace market as a Tier One Supplier for drivetrain components, refuelling tubes and landing gear components for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Die Pankl Racing Systems AG feiert die Eröffnung des neuen High Performance Antriebswerkes (PHPS) in Kapfenberg und des weltweit einzigartigen Pankl Additive Manufacturing Competence Centers (PAMCC) Kapfenberg, 12. April 2018