Pankl Systems Austria GmbH

Drivetrain Systems

Industriestraße West 4

8605 Kapfenberg | Austria

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Pankl Racing Systems UK Ltd.

Telford Road

Bicester, OXON

OX26 4LD | UK

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Unbeatable Precision

Our product portfolio consists of individual components and assemblies. In addition, we offer our customers complete solutions such as drivetrain and suspension systems.

Among our key products are: integral (one-piece) drive shaft or standard drive shaft systems (three-piece), tripods and CV joints, wheel hubs with and without integral tracks, uprights welded or milled from solid metal, torsion bar springs incl. bell cranks, gear parts, output flanges, prop shafts (steel, MMC, carbon fibre, titanium) and other complex components.

Our welding technology portfolio includes transverse links, exhaust systems (stainless steel), cooling systems (water, oil and charge air) and support frames.