Motorsport technology in all application areas

As a tier-1 supplier, Pankl develops and manufactures high quality engine components and turbochargers for exclusive high performance series vehicles.
Pankl has met the needs of an increasing demand in this area by extending its sites in Bruck/Mur and in Mannheim. The continuous extension of our production sites and our investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to optimise workflows continuously, increasing productivity for the benefit of our customer.

Motorsport piston

Motorsport piston out of high strength aluminum alloy

Motor- and lightweight chassis bolts

Motor- and lightweight chassis bolts

Crank mechanism development and manufacturing as optimized product group

Crank mechanism development and manufacturing as optimized product group

Connecting rods out of titanium or high strength steel alloys

Connecting rods out of titanium or high strength steel alloys


Pankl Turbosystems is a system development partner modelling the development of future powertrain and energy systems from the first concept onwards up to serial production. Our product range includes single components in the field of charging technology and complete ready-to-mount systems.

Compressor wheel

High quality materials ensure long durability under extreme load

Electric Assisted Turbocharger

Lower emission and consumption as well as additional boost

Wastegate valve

Performance-related control in areas subject to high loads

Anti-lag valve

Support for homogenous power delivery

Turbocompound system

Development of complete assemblies for customer specific requirements


Pankl A1 Turbocharger with Twin-Scroll turbine housing

We apply materials that satisfy the highest needs in terms of performance and reliability. High technology as extremely light materials for turbine wheels, for roller bearings or for coupled electrical Engine-generator units ensure an enormously significant advantage compared to competitors.

Pankl as an employer

We offer international career opportunities, numerous training opportunities and job rotation.

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Our employees introduce themselves

Alexander Aigner - Technical Sales Pankl Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Activities at Pankl

Team building is at the forefront at Pankl and is rounded off by numerous social events.

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