High reliability

Engine and drivetrain concepts are currently undergoing a period of massive transformation. The goal is: best performance and the highest possible safety, combined with minimised fuel consumption and reduced emissions. These new, revolutionary requirements and increasingly complex systems require strict control and test mechanisms – and Pankl has the state-of-the-art test equipment available to fulfil these requirements.

Tested, re-tested, optimised and tested again

All Pankl Racing Systems engine and drivetrain components are tested for a broad spectrum of different applications, tailor-made to fulfil individual customer requests. To provide preliminary results within the development process and for metallurgical research, state-of-the-art component test beds enable tensile, compression and ovalisation tests as well as early results on fatigue and friction analyses for all Pankl products before they enter more complex and costly test phases.

Highly flexible test runs

A unique, dynamic shaft inspection system simulates real track data from Formula 1, rally racing or rally raids, providing industry-specific stress and endurance data. Rotating components of up to 5m in length may be tested at up to 6500 Nm and at a maximum speed of 11500 rpm in the simulation of steering angles and spring deflection.
With a state-of-the-art suspension corner test bed with a frequency range of up to 70Hz and travel paths of up to 300mm, nearly all requirements for different racing applications as well as for the super and hyper car market are covered. Integrated measuring systems, bus integration and extension measurement guarantee optimal compliance with customer requests and reliable testing results.
This way, all Pankl components and systems are tested in conditions that accurately reflect Formula 1 requirements with regard to top speeds as well as under rally conditions in regards to steering movements.

Tailor-made measuring solutions

The new servo-hydraulic test lab is capable of static and highly dynamic tests of up to 6DOF, using digital controllers with high channel density, high-precision signal conditioning and excellent configurability. Dedicated elongation measurements and electronic developments provide customised measurement solutions.

Reliable test results

A state-of-the-art hot-gas test facility (800 kW; 1200° C) is used for the validation of electrically supported turbochargers (up to 800V at ± 500A). The application spectrum ranges from passenger cars to trucks and comprises all types of racing series with and without electrified TCs and boosters.
In addition, a compressor closed-loop unit will be used to test EATs in order to widen the standard compressor scope. For safety reasons, burst and containment tests supply simulated threshold values for special types of wheel and housing materials.

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