Technological know-how

During the entire development phase of every single component, the Pankl design engineers are faced with the challenge of putting together highly different, sometimes even contradicting requirements to form a coherent concept. The ongoing dialogue between the design, testing and simulation departments and the regular exchange with customers are essential prerequisites for developing effective solutions that live up to customer-specific guidelines and comply with all applicable legal requirements.

New approaches, new solutions

When it comes to design, Pankl Racing Systems offers creative, intelligent solutions that are based on performance, resilience, cost-effectiveness and environmental performance. These activities range all the way from the development of new materials and processes through prototype development and simulation to optimised manufacturing.

Strong synergies

In order to achieve the targets set, Pankl Racing Systems aims to make the most of its strong synergies: The competence of the Pankl forging facilities in Austria are bundled with the machining and assembly competence of the Slovakian site; the Pankl Turbo Systems team in Mannheim, Germany maintains a lively exchange with their colleagues in the US, Japan and the UK. Our solid, global network of partners in the motorsports segment as well as cooperation initiatives with research institutions boost the proficiency of Pankl Racing Systems from preliminary sketches through prototype design to large-volume production of several thousand components a year. 
The interdisciplinary cooperation between departments of the company subsidiaries begins already at the start of a project and ensures that all factors relating to manufacturing engineering, cost-effectiveness and quality are taken into account in the development of new engine components from the first inquiry onwards.

Mature perfection

In-house R&D facilities help us draw up thorough feasibility studies that form the basis of a preliminary design model; whereas already during this early stage, state-of-the-art calculation and simulation tools are used for the effective, targeted development of systems and components. The experience gained from these simulation loops is in turn developed further to improve every single component, all the way to prototype production.
As a link between development and manufacturing, tool design plays a fundamental role in high-precision component manufacturing. As soon as the optimised design of a component and tool allows the manufacturing of perfectly forged geometries complying with the project requirements, the actual production process can begin. 
Milling and assembly work constitute the last phase in the development chain. They are also part of the development process and help create an integrated system where no step is neglected, even though it may seem tiny and insignificant at first.

Everything under a single roof

This development environment creates the perfect interface between design and manufacturing, guaranteeing the shortest possible production times and the highest possible level of efficiency. The unique combination of industry expertise and technological knowledge helps create trendsetting products and makes Pankl Racing Systems a dynamic partner of global market leaders.

Pankl as an employer

We offer international career opportunities, numerous training opportunities and job rotation.

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Team building is at the forefront at Pankl and is rounded off by numerous social events.

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