Pankl Racing Systems AG

Industriestraße West 4

8605 Kapfenberg | Austria

Phone: +43(0)3862 33 999 -0

Fax: +43(0)3862 33 999 -181

Mission Statement

Identity - who we are

We develop, manufacture, maintain and distribute mechanical systems in the hi-tech field for dynamic components in the global niche markets of motor racing, luxury automobiles and the aviation industry.

Vision – what we are going to achieve

We strive to be the world’s leading supplier of systems to the motor racing, luxury automobiles and the aviation industry. Systems from Pankl should feature in every upmarket racing and luxury vehicle as well as in all aircraft built by the most important manufacturers. Our goal is to be a leading innovator within all our business and corporate fields when we launch new products and materials.

Mission – why we do this

We share our customers’ passionate desire to come out on top. We want to make the best of ourselves and do our utmost to ensure that our systems are made with the highest levels of quality. The resultant success promotes the prosperity of our customers, staff, investors and the society we live and work in.

We comply with legal obligations.We take care of the conservation of resources.
We avoid hazardous waste.We avoid injuries and accidents.
We protect the health of our employees.We meet the requirements of our customers.
We improve continuously.We define targets and achieve them.