Pankl Racing Systems AG

Industriestraße West 4

8605 Kapfenberg | Austria

Phone: +43(0)3862 33 999 -0

Fax: +43(0)3862 33 999 -181

Advanced Knowledge

The company structure of Pankl Racing Systems consists of three main divisions, Racing, Aerospace and High Performance.

The Racing segment has been established in 1985 producing conrods for the motorsports industry. Nowadays the Racing division is a leading supplier for engine and drivetrain components and -systems for the racing market.

The experience of the Aerospace division goes back to the year 1994 when the first tailrotor driveshaft has been produced. Today Pankl Aerospace Systems is a tier one supplier within the global aerospace market.

The High Performance segment is specialised in the production of engine and drivetrain components for luxury vehicles and has been successively expanded in the last few years.



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