Pankl Aerospace Systems Europe GmbH

Industriestraße West 4

8605 Kapfenberg | Austria

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Fax: +43(0)3862 33 999-860

Pankl Aerospace Systems Inc.

16615 Edwards Road, Cerritos

CA 90703 | USA

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Fax: +1 (0)562 207 6301

Perfection Realised

We apply state-of-the-art, high-tech processes for the manufacture and assembly of complex drive-train and other components for aircraft and engines.

We use our advanced equipment for all turning and milling processes including the machining of hi-tech alloys with challenging machining parameters.

Pankl applies approved processes for assembly, bonding of components and for high-precision balancing of rotating components.

We have over 50 years of experience as a development and manufacturing partner in the aerospace industry and we are one of the largest manufacturers of flight safety drive-train components for rotary-wing aircraft, engines and fixed-wing aircraft.

UAV Rotary Wing Main Rotor Shaft
Main Rotor Shaft
Helicopter Tail Driveshaft
Driveshaft Engine Gearbox
Main Gearbox
Engine Accessory Radial Driveshaft
Refuelling Tube
Aircraft cabin parts