Process technology


Powder development

Pankl develops together with its partners powder fractions for new and high-tech applications.

Powder atomization

Perfect powder quality is the basis for  perfect AM parts; powder atomization is the basic element in the production chain, only the newest technologies and equipment are used for our powders.

Quality inspections

Powder samples are controlled throughout the whole production chain in order to permanently ensure the highest quality standards.


Powder development and quality inspections are carried out using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Process preparation

Design development

Design development is done by various simulation tools for FEA/CFD calculations and for topology optimization through which new designs benefit from the fascinating possibilities of additive manufacturing.

Print job preparation

Innovative simulation tools are in use for the preparation of new printing jobs in order to optimize the support structure and the printing process.


Print job

The printing starts as soon as the machine and the process requirements in the printing chamber are set; the timescale varies from a few hours to a few days depending on component sizes. Once the printing is completed, powder residues are removed using a vacuum-cleaner and the printed part is taken out of the machine.

Quality inspection

The quality controls for AM components and the monitoring of the printing process are realized by the use of 3D scans, tensile specimen, density cubes and thermic cameras.


Mechanical post-treatment

Depending on the component requirements manual finishing like polishing or automated finishing like CNC turning or milling may be applied.

Thermal post-treatment

After the printing job is completed, components are heat treated to achieve conformity with specified material characteristics.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Components under high-load and with strict safety criteria profit from the possibilities of Hot Isostatic Pressing that brings a significant optimization in terms of fatigue strength through the application of high pressure and high temperatures. Pankl as one of the leading supplier for AM components is equipped with an own in-house HIP-system to help decrease delivery times for critical components significantly.

Pankl as an employer

We offer international career opportunities, numerous training opportunities and job rotation.

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Alexander Aigner - Technical Sales Pankl Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Activities at Pankl

Team building is at the forefront at Pankl and is rounded off by numerous social events.

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